Eight Ways to Make a Kitchen Stand Out


1. Use open shelving in place of upper cabinets

This is a great option for smaller spaces, especially if you have china or fiesta ware you would like an excuse to show off! The exclusion of cabinets creates the illusion of more space while decreasing dark spaces and shadows that can make small rooms feel even smaller. I designed around a narrow kitchen for one of my clients using cabinets with clear doors, which works well too!



2. Use at least two wood finishes.

This is the simplest way to add texture to your kitchen and maintain a classic yet warm and rustic feel. This is especially true when combining these textures in the context of a clean and contemporary room.





3. Make it a galley kitchen.

Take this opportunity to think outside the box! Or in this instance outside the confines of your square footage. Use the walls to craft an exquisite way to store your treasured wine selection or install hooks to show off copper pans and cookery.





4. Leave out the hardware.

If your not in to exposing your treasured kitchen paraphernalia with open plans, try taking it to the next extreme! Remove handles and other hardware for the ultimate chic and minimal look.





5. Build in an eating area.

Everyone knows that the kitchen is the place to hang out! If your living by yourself or with a small family, consider nixing the concept of a dinning room and go for cozy in the kitchen!






6. Use furniture in place of an island.

If you’re living in a small space, or if it feels that way what with all the people constantly coming in and out of your home, make sure you are using your surface space wisely! Instead of an island, shake things up with a functional piece of furniture that can double as a space to eat off of with storage to boot!




7. Use concrete counter tops.

Utilitarian, minimal, warehouse-like loft spaces are in! Don’t live in a space that resembles a loft in anyway? Incorporate concrete countertops as a simple solution to acquire that hip urban vibe.





8. In corporate a skylight!

And of course, if its architecturally feasable, utilize as much natural light as you can. Put a spotlight on your hard work with a skylight.





Be sure to get in touch with me and share your kitchen make over concepts!



Antique cabinets, modern appliances:








Parisian apartment of Gilles and Boissie:








kitchen love the contrast of the wood against the black, and what a great wine rack:









Modern | ombiaiinterijeri:

















desire to inspire:








| P | Kitchen with concret counters + backsplash:








Love the off form concrete and the retractable skylight over the kitchen island. Cemetaries scare me, but this house which is situated on one, makes it look beautiful. Elliott House – North London, by Eldridge-Smerin Architects.: