Tree Houses for Adults: Designing Your Dream Space

adult-tree-houseI had a tree house growing up and it was pretty spectacular. My house was a popular after school location and I had a designated space that was all my own.  I think as adults we forget how important it is to have an environment  like that, one that nurtures our creativity, our imagination and our sense of fun!

Two decades later my nickels and dimes allowance has morphed into a full-blown salary so, as an adult, imagine the tree house I could make; a private studio in the trees complete with a bar, library, desk and plenty of space to do yoga. This dream makes me wonder why all adults don’t have tree houses. If you are now wondering the same thing, here are a few design pointers to get you excited about taking on a tree house project.

First focus on the main activity or theme of the house. If you’re an artist and you want it to be your studio, for example, consider building a drafting table/ easel that pulls out of the wall or construct built in cabinets that hold all of your art supplies. If you’re a film buff consider a place to hold a projector and screen.

romantic-tree-houseOnce you know what you want to use the space for customize your interior design space. As an artist if you never know what time inspiration will strike make sure you have lots of natural light available at all times throughout the day. For a movie studio place the windows facing east (no direct sunlight later in the day) and complete them with black out curtains.

Do you have some great ideas now? Excited to get started? Check out Tree Top Builders to get advice on how to make your childhood fantasies your adult reality and check back here to get tips on how to decorate your new space!